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MachinaWare focuses on leveraging the capabilities of best of breed technologies.

We aim to do this by combining the power and features of .NET, the diversity of the community and our industry expertise, to provide highly cost-efficient IT-solutions, that drive digital business-models. We aim to provide high-quality software solutions, project development and consulting in the field of FinTech, crypto-asset trading and smart cloud solutions. Currently, our main product is MachinaTrader, an ecosystem for automated crypto-trading and digital assets. MachinaTrader can best be described as: highly reliable, ultra-scalable and blazingly fast.

MachinaWare Ecosystem

Built from the ground. MachinaCore is an ultra-lean, platform independent, highly-scalable framework to construct and dispatch high-performance data analytics and heavy computing workload applications.

It is built with cutting-edge technology and is based on standardized modules, based on .Net. MachinaCore comes with its own Software Distribution & Packaging System, as well as the industry standard Data Science and Machine Learning related Python libraries.

The unified crypto trading platform. MachinaTrader offers the most complete set of tools and services for live and automated trading of crypto assets, market analytics, portfolio management and data science.

Whether you are a novice trader, a strategy developer or a big institutional organization, we offer an all-in-one package, that is easy to use and that leaves nothing to be desired.

Smart cloud solutions. MachinaWeb is a platform for developing and running highly-scalable, secure, easy-to-use and cost-efficient web applications.

Intelligent, Secure. Fair and fast!

Green fintech platform. CPG Capital and Machina, in collaboration with Chainlink, have designed a smart contract enabled platform as an innovative fintech solution to address the three green finance problems put forth by the BIS Innovation Hub and the G20.
A combination of emission-reducing technology, real-time data collection and analytics, and actionable data sharing and reporting through smart contracts. We collaborate with SOP, an Italian technology company with a unique ability to interact with physical, chemical, and biological systems to improve the performance and efficiency of natural systems.

MachinaWare Team

Thierry David Gilgen Chief Executive Officer
Thiemo Borger Chief Technology Officer
Renato Barba Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Lina Khoury Aerts Executive Project Management Officer
Patrick O'Meara Development Technical Manager
Steve Niquille Innovation Lab Manager
Diren Bozkurt Finance & Accounting Manager
David Sorg Software Testing Engineer
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Arjen Drehkopf Software Testing Engineer
Didi Taihuttu MachinaTrader Ambassador
You need to "zoom out in Crypto and zoom in at life", so you enjoy every single minute of the day. This is exactly what MachinaTrader will do for you!

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